Author Topic: How much money should a TDCJ inmate have in their trust fund?  (Read 393 times)

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A question often asked by those new to TDCJ is "How much money should I send?"

Inmates can only spend a set amount, determined by their security level and their opportunity to get to commissary, in each 2-week period. Typically this is limited to $85, so for those who do not pay for anything else out of their trust fund accounts, a maximum of $200 is all they could need (allowing for a small amount as a cushion if you are unable to regularly send that amount) per month.

TDCJ inmate trust funds do not accrue interest on the balance they contain. There is no point in an inmate having a large sum of money sitting in their trust fund, if they have the means of placing it in a free-world bank account that does earn interest.

Inmates are able to purchase items such as magazine subscriptions for themselves by requesting a withdrawal from their trust fund account.

If an inmate asks you for any amount of money that you are not able to, or comfortable with sending, do not send the money. No inmates starve in TDCJ, and no inmates go without clothing, hygiene supplies, correspondence supplies or medical/dental treatment in TDCJ if they are indigent.
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