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FAQ: Jail to TDCJ
« on: April 30, 2014, 11:37:03 am »
Q: How long will it be before the inmate leaves jail and heads into TDCJ?

A: TDCJ is supposed to collect inmates from jail within 45 days of the sentence commencing. Dependent on the numbers of suitable available beds in TDCJ, this time may be exceded.

Q: Will the inmate know when they are about to leave jail?

A: The inmate will know only a few minutes in advance of leaving jail for security reasons.

Q: Will the inmate know which TDCJ intake unit they are heading for?

A: No. TDCJ chain buses run from unit to unit around the state and the inmate may take several days to reach their assigned intake unit. Keep checking the TDCJ Inmate Locator for their location, but keep in mind that this is usually 24 hours behind real time.

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