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UTMB TDCJ Hospital Galveston
« on: June 14, 2014, 01:15:55 am »
Inmates in TDCJ who require acute medical care that is unavailable at their unit may be transferred to the University of Texas Medical Board hospital at Galveston. This is a secure hospital, and inmates are still subject to searches and restrictions based on their security classification for the duration of their stay.

Generally there is no visitation at Hospital Galveston. Friends and family can contact the Chaplain at the hospital and if a medical release form has been completed and filed by the inmate, some basic details may be given over the phone.

Due to the nature of patients treated at the facility, some inmates may be taken there for a scheduled operation, such as a hernia repair, only to be returned to their units without the operation having been performed. This happens if more urgent cases arrive, or if earlier cases are still in need of the facilities. The inmate will be rescheduled to return for their operation at a later date.
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