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TDCJ inmate health checks
« on: June 22, 2014, 01:24:27 am »
All TDCJ inmates are offered a health check with a doctor every year. They will usually receive a lay-in pass for the health check. The checks may be face-to-face with a doctor in the room, or by video link with an off-site doctor.

This is the inmate's opportunity to raise any concerns they may have about their general health or specific issues they may be having. It is also a good time to ask the doctor to check any moles or freckles, and hard to see places (top of head, back and backs of thighs, for example) for signs of skin cancer - something more common in males on their backs because they spend more time with their shirts off outside in the freeworld. Some older inmates may also have a prostate examination (a few uncomfortable moments that could save their life).

The inmate will be weighed, measured, have their blood pressure taken, and can request prescription medication to be reviewed.

These yearly health checks are not charged for via the inmate medical fee.

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