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I always wonder why US websites do that though, they must lose a lot of money with people wanting to get subscriptions for family overseas.

I'll give them a call next week :)
They did it for me. I couldn't do it online. The online form doesn't allow it, but if you call them and explain the situation, they can do it. That was my experience anyhow. It's run without a hitch for a couple of years now.
Maybe try again? :)
I would get that for Hubby, but they don't allow overseas billing addresses!
Yes, newspapers are expensive; but a lifesaver for someone in prison to stay in touch with the world out here.

Right now you can get a 3 months subscription for USA Today for $25, if he would like that. After that the price goes up, but maybe you can look for another offer in the meantime.
Hello!  I want to send my son a newspaper so he knows what is going on in the world.  He is Ad Seg and alone without communication except weekly visit.  I want to send him a newspaper.  It is incredibly expensive to mail it; but is there a local newspaper that will deliver to unit.  Fort Worth did that at Tarrant county and it was not expensive; but to have it mailed was over $200.  That is crazy!


General Information / Re: Facial hair in TDCJ
« Last post by CharliesMomma on August 03, 2016, 01:05:15 am »
My son is in Administrative Seg--he sees NO ONE but us for 2 weeks on Saturday.  They told him he had to remain clean shaven when 6 days a week he may not even have a human conversation outside of direct orders.  He asked why he had to stay clean shaven.  They said for religious reasons they can have a beard and mustache.  Truthfully, he said he finally felt like he had some control over any single thing in his lie.  HOWEVER, they said it was for religious reasons and only allowed to shave on his  birthday once a year.  That bit him in the butt! 

Evacuated offenders have been reassigned to the Stringfellow, Ramsey, and Terrell Units with the exception offenders previously assigned to the Terrell Unit trusty camp. Offenders previously assigned to the Terrell Unit trusty camp have been reassigned to various TDCJ units.

Visitation has been cancelled at Stringfellow, Ramsey, and Terrell Units for Saturday, June 18, 2016; however, normal visitation will resume on Sunday, June 19, 2016. Special and extended visits will not be permitted, but offenders may receive a regular or contact visit pursuant to agency policy.

Visitation will resume at the Wayne Scott Unit for this weekend, June 18 and 19, 2016.

As always, visitors are encouraged to call the unit prior to traveling for visitation.


Ramsey Unit:  (281) 595-3491
Stringfellow Unit:  (281) 595-3413
Terrell Unit:  (281) 595-3481
Wayne Scott Unit:  (979) 849-9306
As always, thank you!!!!

It took 7 weeks for a visit when he got to transfer unit!

Have a great day!!
When he gets to his ID unit then he should be eligible for visitation the following weekend.

As for phone calls, as long as he has recorded his voice and that has been processed, and his telephone list has been accepted and he has someone to call with a registred phone, then he should be able to make a call. If the phones are working of course, and they are not on lockdown!
Visitation / Re: What not to wear
« Last post by sunrayswench on June 07, 2016, 11:42:31 am »
I wish they would just be consistent - I've worn leggings several times, the most recent this March, without any problems at all.

I'm sorry they made you change CharliesMomma :(
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