Author Topic: FYI--email to wardens or any TDCJ staff  (Read 376 times)

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FYI--email to wardens or any TDCJ staff
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:52:23 pm »
Hello there. I have been dealing with the TDCJ system for 17 almost 18 years. And prayerfully we only have 14 years to go...

I am not an expert by any means nor is my loved one but he has been there so long that he does or is able to explain a lot of things to me, and the thing that is amazing is I am able to help him very much so as well, because I am great at researching.
I hadn't seen my loved since 2004 until this past October and a lot of things had changed with the rules that I wasn't aware of since the last time I seen him.
They most upsetting to me was how they no longer approve 4 hour visits in advance.

When I called to request my special visit and was told of this information I got on that email line quick and emailed the main warden at the unit..

I use to work for the State of Texas so I knew how to retrieve the email and was aware that EVERY SINGLE STATE EMPLOYEE has basically the same exact email address listing.

I am happy to state that not only I was I granted 4 hours each day, but the Warden also granted us special contact visits the two day 4 hours as well.

I was also able to get my loved enrolled in school by using the same email approach amongst the 2 different wardens and the principal at the unit. My loved one had tried to get into GED classes for over a year with no approvals.

I wrote eight emails within 7 weeks and also requested to speak with the warden while I was at visit.

My loved one has been in school for 3 weeks now, and he is sooo happy.

So if you ever need to email ANY EMPLOYEE WHO WORKS FOR TDCJ you simply need their first and last name.

and for the school district is is the same concept

and I know that as "grown-ups" we should already know the famous saying of "you attract more flies with honey then with vinegar."

And it is sooooooooo true. I noticed when I act like they are just doing me the hugest favor or granting me the greatest gift in the universe by assisting me, I tend to get faster and better responses.

I also never demand anything.. I always submit emails "requesting on how to go about receiving assistance to on a inquiry I have."

Anyhow. I hope this helps anybody who needs is.

Have a great day.

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Re: FYI--email to wardens or any TDCJ staff
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2014, 12:09:35 am »
Hi randomchick

Good information there, thank you for posting it. You are so right, that to get anywhere close to what you want, you have to be polite, respectful and (unfortunately in this day and age) if you are speaking with a man, sometimes act like a dumb woman!

Some units do still require special visits to be requested in advance, but I imagin that for the smaller ones it's not always an issue to fit them in.
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Re: FYI--email to wardens or any TDCJ staff
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2014, 09:36:36 pm »
Thank you for that good information.
I'm quite new at dealing with the TDCJ (22 months), and I was very surprised to find that it was not an option to email the prison before visit. Or in regard to other queries or requests.
Now I'm no longer surprised by so many things ;) But it's great to be able to correspond more directly and faster about issues that come up regarding the well-being of one's LO.

I agree and definitely experienced the same about the honey pot ;)


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