Author Topic: Book Giveaway for TDCJ Inmate 1st of each month. Approved TDCJ vendor  (Read 2782 times)


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My husband was in TDCJ for over 10 years when he got out he opened a bookstore that catered to TDCJ. He passed away in April. I relocated and considered closing his bookstore. I received so many letters of appreciation for what he did and condolences that I have decided in his memory keep doing what he did. He passed away on the 1st of April in his memory I am giving away 2 books to an inmate on the 1st of each month starting October 1st ( just comment under the giveaway picture on my C & L Rare New Used /TDCJ Approved vendor (

C & L Rare, New Used Books is an approved TDCJ vendor, I offer book bundles for your loved one and will soon have a complete inventory list ( I have over 20,000 books in inventory if there a title you are looking for feel free to shoot me an email)

I know how the financial struggles having a loved one locked up so I hope the giveaway can help someone and bring joy to someone. I will also work with anyone wanting books for their loved one I never want money to be the reason for not sending books.

If you don't have Facebook and would like to enter the contest email me and if I receive letters direct from TDCJ I will put their name in the drawing as well.


Good Luck and God Bless

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What a generous offer! Thanks for posting :)
There and back again....

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I cannot express my gratitude for your kindness and compassion!  Thank you!  there are simply no owrds....


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