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Re: Looking for info on Michael Unit
« on: April 29, 2015, 12:28:10 am »
OK, you say you want information on safety: no one can answer that specifically without knowing the type of person/inmate your husband is.

You want information on food: can you be more specific please? If you want to know the meal plans for each week, you would need to speak to an inmate or TDCJ staff at Michael. I can tell you they eat a lot of what is grown in the fields around Michael and Coffield, lots of corn, greens, watermelon when in season etc. They don't get much fish, but lots of chicken and pork dishes, meatloaf, beans. As I said, it depends on the inmate's own perception of the food: what one might find acceptable, another might say is disgusting. They get enough food, whether they decide to eat it or not.

Craft shops I can't help you with, but maybe one of the other members can.
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