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Blue ticket items for TDCJ inmates
« on: June 28, 2014, 11:12:49 am »
TDCJ inmates can purchase electrical and higher value items through the commissary, but these must be ordered in advance by means of a blue ticket. Inmates processing through intake and orientation generally cannot purchase these items.

The blue ticket must be filled out by the inmate and handed in at the commissary window. The request for the item(s) will only be considered if the inmate has sufficient funds in their account to cover the full cost of the item. Once the purchase is approved, the inmate is issued with a white ticket. The inmate then has 60 days in which to purchase the items.

Items purchased with a blue ticket include:

* Suede-style boots
* New Balance sneakers
* Alarm clock
* Calculator
* Fan
* Night light
* Multi-outlet socket
* Hot pot
* Radio-clock
* Typewriter

If it is not possible for the inmate to get to commissary within those 60 days (for example because of a lockdown), then the process must be started from the beginning again.

If the inmate is seeking to replace a similar item already purchased, for example because it has broken, then the original item must be surrendered by the inmate in order to receive the new item.
There and back again....

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